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Welcome... on this site you'll find my latest books, works in progress, and appearances. I hope you'll browse through the site and I welcome feedback. Just click on the contact me link and send me an email. I hope you enjoy your visit here.


The Viscount's Vendetta

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Cover image The Viscount's Vendetta

The Viscount's Vendetta

Damon Royston saw a lady berating a chimney worker, and Rook, his friend, tells him she is Caroline, Lord Halford’s only child. Damon is stunned. She is the daughter of his sworn enemy, the man he holds responsible for his father’s suicide and the one he has planned to ruin.

Sparks fly when they meet, but Caroline fights her attraction to him. Damon bargains with Lord Halford. If Caroline marries him, he might not ruin him financially. Her father refuses, but Caroline discovers her father’s problems and agrees to marry Damon. They go to live at his estate, in his new house, as Damon refuses to live in the ancestral home where his father died. Caroline meets the staff and instantly dislikes Damon’s cousin, Charles, the estate manager.

When Damon travels to London, Caroline visits the ancestral home. On one of her visits, she finds a diary Damon’s father wrote, and after reading it she suspects his father didn’t kill himself. Someone else was involved.

Cover image Gallant Guardians

Gallant Guardians

Flint Rikward and Russell "Russ" Elden had not forgotten Angelina "Angie" Farris. Angie tried to put them out of her mind, until Flint is shot. When she contacts Russ about Flint’s condition, the wall surrounding her feelings crumbles. But they want marriage, and the memories of her previous engagement and what her ex-fiancé had said won’t go away.

When Flint and Russ discover someone might be after Angie, too, they find excuses to keep her close. Once they think the danger is over, they convince her to go with them to South Dakota.

She agrees but insists on living in the apartment her friend, Dana, had used. She'd work with Dana and get to know Russ and Flint better. However, her biggest obstacle is the threesome marriage. Her parents will never accept the marriage, and she is uncertain about it herself. That is until someone tries to kill Flint again, and they realize all the bad guys haven’t been caught.

Cover image Captivating Cowboys

Captivating Cowboys

Dana Wynters is afraid she’ll be kidnapped. When she sees the ad for a doctor in Triple Creeks Township, she responds and accepts the job. Her friend, Angie, helps her leave town without being followed.

When Dana meets Steel Randolph, an immediate attraction flares between them. Later when she meets Steel’s best friend, Chayton Kane, she’s surprised when sparks fly between them, too. She has enough problems with Addison Gregor coming after her. She doesn’t want to have feelings for any man, much less two. But when Dana hears about the threesome relationships in town, she is both excited and frightened of her emotions.

An FBI agent on the trail for Gregor contacts Angie and offers to help. He says the man isn’t only a danger to her and her friend, but to their country. Gregor’s determined he’ll have Dana under his control soon. When Gregor discovers her location, can an FBI agent, Steel, and Chayton keep her safe?

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