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The Unforgettable Bride

Brides for the Garrison Brothers 1

is now on pre-sale from Siren-BookStrand

Unforgettable Bride Book Cover

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Cover image The Unforgettable Bride

The Unforgettable Bride

When Lacey Donelles moves back to Pleasure Valley, Wyoming after nineteen years, she and Hunter Garrison are reintroduced. They’d been buddies when they were younger. Hunter has grown up handsome and sexy. There’s an immediate attraction between them. But then she finds out Hunter wants to be a politician, and she tries to turn off her feelings.

Her deceased husband, who was a congressman in Washington, had made her wary of trusting her heart to any man involved in politics. In spite of their determination to not see each other, she and Hunter are drawn together.

Then Lacey is told the father who left her and her sisters many years ago,= lives in the next town. Lacey realizes to truly love again, she must see her father, confront the anger she still has for her deceased husband, and trust Hunter, who’s stood by her side on the difficult road they are taking to find happiness.

Cover image Fearless Fighters

Fearless Fighters

Heather Carrick injured her leg in a car crash, and her career ended. Beck Colley and Gavin Melwyn meet her when she comes to South Dakota to find her new direction. They hoped to convince her it was in Triple Dare County with them.

But Heather finds out her car wreck was no accident. Someone wanted to hurt her. A friend of Heather’s is accused of hiring the attacker. Then Heather’s friend would be the lead dancer. Heather doesn’t believe this. She returns to Chicago, where her parents live and where she danced. Gavin goes with her for protection and to seek out answers to whether there is any hope for her to return as the lead ballerina.

After talking with the detectives on her case, Gavin called Beck. He and a friend come to the city to find the true assailant. How all this is resolved will impact Heather’s future and Beck and Gavin’s.

Cover image The Viscount's Vendetta

The Viscount's Vendetta

Damon Royston saw a lady berating a chimney worker, and Rook, his friend, tells him she is Caroline, Lord Halford’s only child. Damon is stunned. She is the daughter of his sworn enemy, the man he holds responsible for his father’s suicide and the one he has planned to ruin.

Sparks fly when they meet, but Caroline fights her attraction to him. Damon bargains with Lord Halford. If Caroline marries him, he might not ruin him financially. Her father refuses, but Caroline discovers her father’s problems and agrees to marry Damon. They go to live at his estate, in his new house, as Damon refuses to live in the ancestral home where his father died. Caroline meets the staff and instantly dislikes Damon’s cousin, Charles, the estate manager.

When Damon travels to London, Caroline visits the ancestral home. On one of her visits, she finds a diary Damon’s father wrote, and after reading it she suspects his father didn’t kill himself. Someone else was involved.

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